This year, three schools in Skopje with together 1500 pupils took part in the ZOOM-campaign- welcome!


They made a presentation about their activity week, which you can look at here

Petar Pop Arsov, Skopje

The children of the school OOU Petar Pop Arsov founded an eco-club. In this club, they talk together about issues like recycling or food. The club publishes a school magazine, called Eko Svet (Eco World) and performed a play in front of the whole school.


They sent us a link to a video they made:


Furthermore they made many photos of their paper work shop - nearly a DIY-tutorial...


The ZOOM activity week took place from 26 October to 2 November.

They documented it in detail and send us a report (pdf, 4,5 kb )


Jan Amos Komenski


The 320 children collected their Green Footprints just before the deadline as the package with the material arrived so late in Macedonia. Here is their report (pdf, 2,6 MB).

The activity week  was realize from 29. 10 .2012 – 05.11.2012. During the activity week  we collect 2894 green footprints.
"ZOOM" on the moving to learn how to keep air clean.
We made several different activities:
- Making flags with footprint, every pupils involve in this activity makes it’s own flag. The flags we use to show on the community that waking to school is IN and coming with cars is OUT.
-Drawing and  coloring pictures -  pupils from 1st, 2nd, 3th grade
- Making poster for the activity week – pupils from 6 th grade
-Working with worksheet “detectives” - pupils from 5 th grade
Everybody enjoyed the activity week and we already have plans how to participate next year. Our municipality “Karpos” is very proud what we do  and for the next year they are planning to support this activity in every school and kinder garden in our municipalities.
With hope that next year we will carry out a much better activity week.

Furthermore they sent us great photos of their "recycling art".

Vlado Tatsevski


The Vlado Tatsevski School, the third Macedonian participant, sent us many photos and a comprehensive report (pdf, MB.

320 children collected 3986 Green Footprints in one week.


Their report says:

Making flags with footprint: all pupils were involved in this activity.
The flags we use to show the community that waking to school is
IN and coming with cars is OUT.