Green Footprints for the Climate Conference


On the move to (now) Madrid we were acompanied by tens of thousands of children from


To get a quick overview please have a look at the ZOOM Report 2019.

With many pictures and short reports in English and the mother tongue of the participating country it shows what special actions the ZOOM-Kids have undertaken this year to demonstrate their strong will on saving our One World's Climate.  

In addition, we have compiled some of the statements and wishes of the children.

We don't want to withhold our press release on the ZOOM handover at the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid.

217,798 children in Austria, Belaurs, Chile, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland  diligently collected Gréng Meilen, Miglia Verdi, Zelené Stopy, Zöld Mérföldet, Klimaschritte, Grön Footprints, зеленых следа , Zielonych Stóp, Talpite Verzi, Roheline Jalajäljed etc., thus making their contribution to climate protection.

On the left in the menu bar you find the results by country, many examples of climate actions in numerous municipalities and institutions as well as a lot of wishprints and demands from the children to the climate politicians. Enjoy looking at them and and be amazed by the kids' great ideas and actions for the climate!

Handover at UN Climate Summit in Madrid

Thomas Brose, Climate Alliance, presenting the total of Green Footprints

Miguel Guimaraes Vasquez, FECONAU, submitting a traditional handcraft of the Shipibo to Ovais Sarmad, UNFCCC

Agnes Schönfelder, City of Mannheim together with Thomas Brose, Climate Alliance

This year, the circumstances for handing over the children's Green Footprints were particularly challenging: As a result of the short-term change of the place of negotiations, the children of a Chilean school could not attend the presentation of the results as originally planned.


Therefore, at COP25 in Madrid, the UN Youth Delegates once again had to step in and presented this year's overall result to the Deputy Executive Director of the UNFCCC, Ovais Sarmad.


Thomas Brose, Executive Director of Climate Alliance, emphasised that the commitment of the children and their families as well as the teachers had increased enormously. It was clearly noticeable that they now also expect further big steps from the politicians at the UN Climate Conference!


Ovais Sarmad thanked all the children for their great efforts to protect our climate and encouraged them to continue their commitment. Climate Alliance now calls on those responsible in the individual countries to take the small and large Green Footprints collectors as role models and to fully commit themselves to this year's motto of the Climate Conference: TIEMPO DE ACTUAR / TIME FOR ACTION!


This year Brose was supported by UN Youth Delegates from the Netherlands and Austria. Also Miguel Guimaraes Vasquez, President of FECONAU; Talieh Wögerbauer, ministerial councillor in the Federal Ministry for Sustainability Austria; Agnes Schönfelder, Head of the Climate Protection Control Centre of the City of Mannheim as well as Adriana Valenzuela of ACE - Action for Climate Empowerment, UNFCCC Secretariat were there (again), to emphasize the commitment of the children - many thanks to all supporters!

Miguel Guimaraes Vasquez (president of FECONAU) and Ovais Sarmad (Deputy Executive Director of UNFCCC)

Thomas Brose (Executive Director of Climate Alliance), Talieh Wögerbauer (Minsterialrätin im Bundesministerium für Nachhaltigkeit Österreich), Adriana Valenzuela (ACE), Antoine Ferraris (Youth Delegate, Austria), Ovais Sarmad (UNFCCC), Ines Birke (Youth Delegate, Austria)

Results 2019 by country