7,770 children - 34 schools - 21 municipalities: 35,742 Green Footprints!!

The pupils in the Netherlands walked, rode their bicycles, scooters, inliners or skateboards along the 1 kilometre average distance to school. If you add up both the outward and return journeys of the children, they could have "circumnavigated" the world. During this time they have avoided 7,900 kg of CO2 emissions due to their changes in locomotion!

The children also collected additional Golden Footprints by taking short showers, eating vegetarian food, planting trees or collecting rubbish. Converted, they saved 23,000 kg of CO2 emissions.

An impressive result! We are sure that the children have learned a lot through the various activities and will continue to look for environmentally friendly alternatives in the future.  

Handover in Heijen

The pupils came up with something special for the result announcement. Two pupils were well prepared to interview the visit from the city council and to have prepared many questions regarding climate protection and sustainability. After they had asked all the important questions, the councilor had to solve a big riddle and had to find various puzzle pieces to finally be able to open the suitcase with the result. The children collected 616 Green and 107 Golden Footprints! With this great activity and successful result they were able to impress the representative from the city council. In this way, the pupils were able to demonstrate their commitment and even involve local politicians in their campaign. 

Being save and sustainable in transport


In Waalwijk, the children used a small training area for safe traffic exercises and integrated it more into their everyday lives as part of its environmentally friendly means of transport. The parkour was also used for cycling exercises. This enabled the children to be well prepared for safe behaviour on the roads. 

Picking up garbage


In Oud-Beijerland the children used the project week as an opportunity to clear the Langingpark and the surroundings around the school of rubbish. Packed With grabs and garbage bags, the children set off and were able to collect various waste from nature. For this they earned Golden Footprints and could directly see the result of their engagement! A great action and hopefully the area will be spared from garbage for a long time to come.