North Macedonia

This year 275 pupils at the age between 10-11 mostly from Karposh municipality took part in the campaign and collected 2,035 Зелени Стапалчиња (Green Footprints). The NGO “Creative Centre Karposh – CCK /Креативен Центар Карпош – КЦК ” coordinated its activities in all ten elementary school on the territory of the municipality of Karposh.

The following schools were involved in the project:
Jan Amos Komenski, Vlado Tasevski, Vojdan Cernodrinski, Bratstvo, Avram Pisevski, Dimo Hadzi Dimov, Petar Pop Arsov, Vera Ciriviri Trena, Hristijan Todorovski Karposh, Lazo Trpovski

The schools conducted a number of interesting activities such as:

  • Drawing and organizing exhibitions
  • Competitions with bicycles and roller-skates
  • Identifying the critical points on the way from school to home
  • Preparing reports for the mayor to inform him on the issues they faced
  • Debating on the topic: If you were the mayor how would you solve the issue regarding the polluted air
  • Writing songs and content the topic: Clean Air
  • Distributing flyers to car-drivers

Most of the "kids on the move" collected their climate-friendly Footprints during the Mobility Week from 23. until 29. september.


Some kids also sang happily the current song about the environment:



"I insist on riding my bike, too

All my friends I’ll see

That’s when happiest I’ll be

I watch my behavior and make my parents happy

I don’t pollute my environment with anything

I take care of my health and I set good example

This way I do good

Tomorrow in the park I’ll be swinging

I’ll maintain my hygiene and breathe clean air."

Avram Pisevski


Finally, 23 pupils coming from this school which is located in the local community Bardovci, have worked on writing articles and songs, drawing pictures on the topic of “Day without cars”. They have also promoted riding bicycles and roller skating in the immediate surroundings, and created a poster with their activities within the Mobility Week. These kids were able to collect 200 Green Footprints!

Bratstvo School  


In the only school with multiethnic pupils on the territory of municipality Karposh, 38 Albanian and Macedonian pupils worked and got closer together by finding solutions on how to preserve clean air and how to motivate citizens to use eco-friendly transportation means. For that purpose they have created an information board with drawings and messages in the school to remind the parents and classmates for the importance of preserving clean air. All together, they managed to collect 109 Green Footprints!

Dimo Hadzi Dimov school


In the local community of Vlae, 22 pupils from this school have discussed upon the topic of climate changes, created drawings, an information board and an exhibition in the school hall. To promote the usage of eco-friendly transportation means (bicycles, roller skates and scooters) the students had a parade in the school yard as a closing ceremony of the project. They collected a total of 140 Green Footprints!

Hristijan Todorovski


26 pupils from this school, which is located in the area of Karposh 1, were actively following the arrival and departure of the pupils in order to show through personal examples how eco-friendly transportation means can be used. The participants have created a map with the critical traffic points around the school in order to inform the mayor of the municipality and become active citizens in the process of bringing positive changes. In total, these "kids on the move" collected 184 Green Footprints!

Jan Amos Komenski 


From this school, 26 pupils from the 5th grade were making flags with green footsies with which they organized a march in the immediate surroundings to raise awareness for pedestrians. Also, they have left warning flyers on the cars parked around the school, which showed the negative effects from using motor vehicles and the positive effects from riding bicycles. The pupils organized a tournament in the school yard, where they had fun using roller skates, bicycles and scooters. They have also written messages such as “If I were the Mayor…” for how they would motivate the citizens to use eco-friendly transportation means. In total they collected 253 Green Footprints!

Lazo Trpovski


The task of 31 pupils from this school in Karposh 3 was to research how to preserve clean air. Unfortunately, they detect the biggest contaminants in their surroundings. They have produced a digital gallery which they intent to use to remind the institutions about the importance and need of clean air. Last but not least, they have drawn pictures on the topic clean nature, and created a Lego – city from their fantasies fulfilled with many parks enriched with trees and green areas. The pupils collected 235 Green Footprints during their project week!

Petar Pop Arsov


From this school from Karposh 4, 29 pupils have shown that everybody could have great fun in roller skates and riding bicycles. They have realized “Game without borders” in the school yard. In total they collected  280 Green Footprints. You could decide whether they had fun or not by checking the gallery:

(click on the photo to see the gallery)

Vera Ciriviri Trena


The pupils of this school have intensively dealt with the topic of climate change and climate-friendly mobility. They drew the attention of motorists to the advantages of cycling as an example. Hopefully this will improve the traffic conditions around the school. The children were able to collect a total of 200 Green Footprints!

Vlado Tasevski 


In this school which is located in community Kozle, 31 pupils have drawn on the subject eco-friendly transportation means, later on they created an exhibition with the same drawings. These pupils have also interviewed their neighbours on the topic of how to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in traffic. The plan is to pass the news from the interviews' results to the mayor in the end of the project. The pupils were able to collect 255 Green Footprints during their project week.

Vojdan Chernodrinski


Digital drawings on the topic of eco-friendly transportation means have been created by 22 pupils from this school. Besides, they have also created flyers with warning OOUsages and were given out to car drivers with the purpose of raising awareness to use eco-friendly transportation means instead of transportation by internal combustion engines. All together they collected 180 Green Footprints!