Green Footprints for the Climate Conference

As in 2019, our trip to the UN Climate Conference will be marked by special ways of getting there.
There is no change of location yet, but so far we have never been able to extend the Campaign until the end of the year due to a one-year postponement of the climate conference!

Despite these very special circumstances, there are thousands of children in 2020 collecting Green Footprints, Green Footprints, πράσινες πατούσες, Klimameilen, Groene Voetstappen, Gréng Meilen, Miglia Verdi, Zelené Stopy, Zöld Mérföldet, Klimaschritte, Grön Footprints, зеленых следа , Zielonych Stóp, Talpite Verzi, Roheline Jalajäljed etc. and thus making their contribution to climate protection - and we are very pleased about that!


On the move to Glasgow we so far are acompanied by of children from

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden

And we hope that many further will join in as there is plenty of time left until the end of the year!


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