Even under Corona conditions, Austria's little climate protectors were once again busily working and walking: almost 10,000 children from 100 different institutions put in a good effort and collected over 157,000 climate Footprints

In Austria, where the campaign addresses kindergartens, schools and recreational facilities up to 5th grade, the collection period was extended until the end of November due to the Corona pandemic, so that the final results could not be published until the end of December.

In total there were
9,474 children collecting
154,488 Climate Footprints
2,913 extra Footprints
which is
157,401 in total

A great result in a year to remember - thanks to all participants!

With climate-friendly ways the pupils of the TNMS Lembach won the Austria-wide autumn ranking.

Among the 100 participating educational institutions, the TNMS Lembach from the Climate Alliance member municipality Lembach im Mühlkreis, Upper Austria, won the Austria-wide autumn ranking. 76 pupils collected 3,039 climate footprints in one week. To reward their commitment, there will be a "climate clown show" for the children as soon as this is possible. "Especially in the Corona period, it is important that the pupils work on the themes mobility and climate. Our school is aiming for the Austrian Eco-label this school year. This award is a piece of the puzzle on the way there," says teacher Josef Habringer, who initiated participation in the Climate Footprint C ampaign at the school. "I liked the project because even children who normally don't move much were motivated to walk to school," says Tanja Pumberger, who participated with her class (2b).

Some feedback from teachers who joined the Climate Miles campaign:


·     The campaign "hit the spot" - for the children. Every day in the morning, they came to me brightly smiling and told me that they had come on their scooters, bikes or on foot to pick up their stickers.

·     The children had a lot of fun collecting and were also very strict with their parents to ensure they get their passports filled up. The children's awareness was certainly improved by the action.

·     The children were really motivated and always  told us how they got to the kindergarten directly

·     The children were very motivated and it was nice to see how they motivated their parents to walk as well.

·     The traffic in front of and behind the school building has decreased significantly.

·     There is a ban on driving in front of the school in the morning before school starts. Due to the action, even parents who still brought the children by car (despite repeated demands) are now walking to school with the children.

·     We have put up the collection poster in the entrance area to motivate the children even more. We are thinking of running this campaign several times a school year so it is kept in mind - especially with the parents.





All children of the Volksschule Ebreichsdorf collected climate miles for environmentally friendly ways over three weeks. As role models for climate-friendly mobility, the pupils consciously left their parents' taxi behind for three weeks and actively travelled to school. The children contributed 3521 climate footprints  to the overall Austrian result. Mayor Wolfgang Kocevar and headmistress Lidwina Unger rewarded the pupils' commitment with foot-shaped keyrings.





The primary school in Neumarkt enthusiastically participated in the Climate Footprint  Week in October.For one week, they eagerly collected stickers for the class poster with car-free routes to school and were thus able to make an important contribution to the climate with 1069 climate footprints.  The prize for all classes was a voucher for a "green lesson", which will now be creatively implemented by the teachers until the end of the school year. The ideas range from reading picnics in the green meadow to a school day with green clothing.

"Let's see what else we can come up with! We definitely will participate in the campaign again."



Wien- Gumpendorf

The Vienna-Gumpendorf Protestant day care centre (consisting of 8 after-school groups and 2 kindergarten groups) enthusiastically participated in the Climate Footprint Campaign 2020 during the week of 18-23 November. A total of 160 children took part and collected 1735 climate footprints (including the previous weekend).

There were thematic conversations in the various groups on the focus of "Mobility & Environment":

- What environmentally friendly means of transport are available?

- What advantages do they have? (no/less pollution, health aspect, etc.)

- How can I travel to school in an environmentally friendly way?

- Why am I helping the climate by doing this?


"We are already looking forward to the climate footprint campaign 2021!"