Alto Adige / Bozen


The province of Alto Adige/Bozen took part at “Kids on the Move” campaign while the "European Mobility Week", with the idea of giving parents and childen the perspective to get to school without car. The region was hit hard by the covid-19 pandemic but still a lot of kids were able to participate.


Alltogether, 37 schools, 206 classes and 2953 children collected 61797 Green Footprints.


Participating municipalities:


Ahrntal, Algund, Auer, Bozen, Brixen, Deutschnofen, Freienfeld, Kaltern an der Weinstrasse, Kastelruth, Kiens, Laas, Lajen, Mals, Mölten, Moos in Passeier, Neumarkt, Partschins, Pfalzen, Prad am Stilfserjoch, Ratschings, Ritten, Sarntal, Schenna, St. Lorenzen, Steinegg, Sterzing, Tirol, Toblach, Völs am Schlern, Welschnofen.       



Pestalozzi School Bozen 


The 21 pupils from Class 4M at the Pestalozzi Primary School in Bolzano also gathered climate steps for a fortnight starting in September as part of the Province of Bolzano's Mobility Weeks.In addition, they started a school garden project, through which the children learn a lot about plants growing and the natural cycle. They also learn what it means to live in harmony with nature and to protect it. They have put lemon tree seeds in flower pots and tulip bulbs in the ground. In spring, they want to plant vegetables and herbs as well.  


The supervising teacher wrote us:

"We talk a lot about the climate and the other continents. I use the material that I received from you. Many children did not know that in poor countries the children have to work for us Europeans. In maths we calculate the way clothes travel, etc.It is very important to educate the children. They are eager and look forward to each new project. Next week we have planned a paper workshop. So they learn how to make new paper from old paper and even get to do it themselves." 



The virus was also circulating in Sacile.But as the primary schools were open - except in February, when all school activities were suspended in attendance - the Pedibus continued to run regularly from Monday to Saturday in all five primary schools in Sacile. Currently, over 300 children participate in the programme. The municipality is very happy with this number, as it shows that families understand the importance of physical activity and getting to school safely.Translated with (free version)