In Luxembourg, the campaign is running every two years, and so it was again time in 2021 for 'Op Kannerféiss duerch d'Welt'.


24 institutions with 1,807 children had signed up.
Together, the little climate protectors in Letzebuerg collected 52,555 Greng Meilen/Green Footprints.


The fact that we are still in a pandemic has also become visible in the feedback from Luxembourg. Unfortunately, not all institutions were able to carry out their Action Week by the end of the campaign.So fare we received feedback from:  

The Berdorf-Ecole fond. in Berdorf participated with 20 children in the campaign and together the little climate champions proudly presented 1,018 Greng Meilen. 

The Schoul Käerch participated with 171 children in the campaign and collected 4,413 Greng Meilen.

On their wish prints addressed to the climate politicians are demands like:

  •  I wish that only environmentally friendly electricity is produced
  •  I wish that less plastic is used.
    Much has already been done, but it could be even better. 

The Belair Gaston Diderich School was on board with 98 children and together they collected 3,048 Greng Meilen.

They stringed their brightly colored Wishprints for the politicians into a long chain to ensure they stayed on track on the long journey to Glasgow.

On their Wishprints they recorded their idea of a healthy Mother Earth with lots of trees and animals. They also included demands for less cars and more opportunities for child-friendly mobility. 

Greng Meilen had also been reported by:

  • Steinfort-EF Steinfort Bâtiment A with 78 children and 2,072 Green Footprints
  •  Esch-Alzette-Brill-Annexe Hiehl with 51 children and 1,565 Green Footprints
  •  Ville de Luxembourg-Foyer-Scolaire Demy Schlechter with 40 children and 265 Green Footprints
  •  Dalheim-Ecole fondamentale de Dalheim with 89 children and 1,711 Green Footprints
  • Grosbous-Maison Relais with 23 children and 102 Green Footprints
  • Bettembourg-"SEA Reebou-Pavillon_SEA Centre Sportif_SEA Sonnepavillon" with 406 children and 35,194 Green Footprints           
  • Junglinster-SEA Paiperleck Bourglinster with 78 children and 680 Green Footprints