More than 90 institutions with about 22,000 children and 2,000 teachers participated in the ZOOM Campaign "Kids on the Move" in Hungary this year.

Together they collected 298,625 Zöld Mérföld or Green Footprints.

The campaign lasted for six weeks, from September 6 to October 15, 2021, making it the ninth time that Hungary has taken part in the campaign. It was up to the institutions themselves whether they wanted to participate in the campaign for one week or up to four weeks and - like always - collected Green Footprints for climate-friendly travel, Red Footprints for environmentally friendly meal plans and Blue Footprints for energy-saving measures. 

For the Hungarian participants, this year everything revolved around our planet Earth, the only planet known to us on which we humans can live and therefore also have a special responsibility to take care of it. The word Earth in Hungarian stand for the world as well as for soil. Thats why the children created maps from world made out of stones, soil and other natural materials - what a wonderful idea!

In addition, this year the facilities were also participating in the "World Climate March", which calls people to walk 1.5 km, standing for the 1.5°C of the Paris Climate Agreement,  and is intended to make clear that climate change concerns us all.
Other schools used the "Community Compost Day",held in Hungary on 10.10., to have a closer look at the issue of waste. They cleaned up the surroundings of the facilities, discussed on trash separation, and built or renewed the facilities' own compost bins.

Also trees were planted by the children this year, with 25 Green Footprints being collected for each tree planted, as this ultimately also contributes to reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, measures were proposed to the institutions that enable them to deal more closely with the topic of climate and the environment.


Among other things, the children were asked to create germination pictures which, when the plants grow, will breathe new life into the pictures. Or to look at what colors nature provides for painting, what earth tones are there or even berries, which expand the color palette again and thus create beautiful works of art.