Czech Republic


Also in the Czech Repuplc  this year many schools ZOOMed in, most of them collected in September, others already before summer break.

All together there were 15 Primary Schools with 2200 children involved.

Together they collected 16,247 "zelené stopy" or Green Footprints.


All involved schools used the worksheets actively. At many schools the accompanying events - e.g. mapping of dangerous spots, traffic surveys, discussions on sustainable mobility - took place.





In the Základní škola Chomutov 67 pupils together collected 446 Zelené stopy (Green Footprints).


In June they started their extensive project on sustainable mobilty. Therefore they examined how the pupils get to school and what means of transport they use for their way.


Others measure how much space cars use on their side walks.





298 pupils from the Základní škola Děčín II together collected 2,107 Green Footprints.

 They also startet a little campaign against overconsumption at heir school.



Here you see the children of the Elementary school of A. Sochor with their filled sticker albums and their wishes for a better Climate on a paper footprint.

Frenštát pod Radhoštěm


Here 215 pupils ZOOMed in very eagerly and together collected 1977 Green Footprints.

On the photgraph you can see the footprint poster from one of the classes.



The children of the Elementary school in Horepnik together figured out what to write in their work Sheets. In adition some of them made a big paper footprint and wrote their wishes and demands to their local politicians on it.

Some of the classes made a cycling race to a sports ground to get them on the Move in real terms ...



Together the children from the Elementary school and the Kindergarten learned about  "School journeys in other countries" and therfore worked with their Atlas.


And of course they also collected Green Footprints in their sticker Album.



Also children from the Elementary school and Kindergarten in Prosec filled in their sticker Albums and collected Green Footprints by walking and cycling to school.



The pupils in the Elementary school "Bezrucova" made a big poster with a table showing all the names and Green Footprints collected by each child.