In Hungary Reflex Environmental Association and the Hungarian Climate Alliance, together with further partners, realized the campaign „Kids on the Move for Climate Action 2017” with  great success.

In the activity week, from October 9th -13th, 18 573 children from 83 schools ZOOMed in and collected a total of 115 263 Green Footprints for their climate journey around the world! 

Beyond collecting green footprints, kids could choose activities from a wide variety of actions:



Föld – Nap – Mandala - Make a Mandala

The pupils were asked to prepare a mandala of the Earth / the Sun with natural materials (leaves, gravels, etc) or waste like bottle caps.




Élő MandalaLiving Mandala

The students were asked to take photographs of big "living pictures” shaped with their own bodies, showing some environmental message.



This is an action mixed of the activities "Cars need space – so where can we play?" and "Drawing my street" from the ZOOM teaching guide.


Akció a környezetért - Action for the environment

The action asked the students to organize some environmental action like a little local market, a cooking club at school with local products; greening their schoolyard; etc. and to send photos and/or videos of their actions!


Itt változtass - Make the change

The action asked the kids to think about different subjects like waste, energy and water and how to do some local action on reduced consumption. They had to prepare posters, drawings or stickers on these topics for a little awareness raising campaign at their school.

Jövőriport – Future Report

Students made an imaginary interview (written or as video) with an aged tree of the Amazon rainforest - what does it "think" about our present world? 


Ökos finomság - Eco Delicacies

Pupils prepared at home/in school some delicacies from products which are local and/or bio, that not include food additives, are not refrigerated, have travelled little kilometers etc. They also sent their recipes and photos of the cooking process as well as of the completed dish.


10 lépés az éghajlat védelméért - 10 questions about climate change - Fill in the Quiz

The students could fill in an awareness raising quiz online with many questions on climate Change.



As in previous years, the teachers were asked to send materials just online (as photo, pdf, video or scanned version) for environmental reasons.


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