In Piacenza 1356 children in 13 schools collected 88422 Miglia Verdi within four weeks in February and March. Beginning of June they will have a little ceremonia, where the best of the 66 classes and 13 schools will be awarded.

A child from the school Caduti sul Lavoro, originally coming from Brazil, wrote a very interesting report on her visit in the rainforest:


Floresta Amaz├Ánica (pdf, 100 kb in Italian, English and Portuguese)  


In Sacile 310 children collected  Miglia Verde in the schoolyear 2011/12. With their Pedibus action and always carefully watched by Mr Hop, the kangaroo they sum up to 62.000 Green Footprints only for their journeys in the morning - congratulations!  

South Tyrol


The Climate Steps are in again:

This year, 25 schools with 158 classes and 2514 pupils took part and collected 52,405  Climate Steps.

The following municipalities participated:

Auer, Bozen, Bruneck, Deutschnofen, Freienfeld, Gossensass, Klausen, Laas, Lajen, Lana, Laurein, Meran, Neumarkt, Pfalzen, Ritten, St. Martin i.P., Taufers, Terenten, Tirol, Tramin, Welschnofen.