In Piacenza 1600 children collected 90,255 Miglia Verdi from March to April!

In June at a Little festivity on the Piazza Cavalli the best classes out of 73 from 11 Schools got prizes.


Also Mr "Smogus" was there again - a dislikeable baldhead that was trying to persuade everybody that pollution is good and fun! - He really left a mark: NO WAY!




A child from the school Caduti sul Lavoro, originally coming from Brazil, wrote a very interesting report on her visit in the rainforest:


Floresta Amazõnica (pdf, 100 kb in Italian, English and Portuguese)  


In Sacile 307 children collected  Miglia Verde in the schoolyear 2012/13. With their Pedibus action and always carefully watched by Mr Hop, the kangaroo they sum up to 61.400 Green Footprints only for their journeys in the morning - congratulations!  

South Tyrol


The Climate Steps are in again:

This year, 66 schools with 215 classes and 3316 pupils took part and collected 48,324 Climate Steps or 73,480 carfree Kilometers.


The following municipalities were involved:

Andrian, Auer, Bozen, Brixen, Deutschnofen, Felthurns, Freienfeld, Gais, Glurns, Innichen, Jenesien, Kiens, Klausen, Laas, Lajen, Lana, Laurein, Marling, Meran, Mühlbach, Mühlwald, Neumarkt, Pfalzen, Pfitsch, Rasen-Antholz, Ritten, Stilfs, Terlan, Tirol, Toblach, Villnöss, Abtei, St. Vigil in Enneberg, St. Christina


Further Information (only in German) at the Website of Provincia  di Bolzona