In Formigine 86 children with the support of 29 adults (parents, grandparents, volunteers),  in 4 schools were contributing 18304 Miglia Verde to the ZOOM Campaign this yaer.


With their "Bimbibus" activites, which were implemented in 2009 by the Municipality of Formigine in collaboration with the Agency for the Mobility of Modena (aMo and local schools, the children walked to school with defined timetable and stops, travelling at any kind of weather.

Every child and every adult wears a high-visibility bib and an identification badge with the logo of the Bimbibus project and his/her own name.





In Piacenza this year 1,149 children in 14 schools collected 23,275 Miglia Verdi.


Many of the Pedibus Kids there also took part in the campaign  SIAMO NATI PER CAMMINARE / BORN TO WALK were they had a race with a distance of 1,5 km – on their faces you could see how much fun this was!

With elder students they also did a public information and education campaign called
SIAMO TUTTI PEDON I/ WE ARE ALL PEDESTRIANS, where they painted footprints on pedestrians walks with chalk to show car drivers that they have to take more care about pedestrians.



In Sacile 250 pupils from 5 primary schools collected  Miglia Verde in the schoolyear 2015/16. With their Pedibus action and always carefully watched by Mr Hop, the kangaroo, they sum up to 50,000 Green Footprints just with their journeys in the morning - congratulations!  

South Tyrol


Also in 2016 many children in Alto Adige/South Tyrol were collecting Climate Steps again:

This year 43 Schools with  3510 pupils took part and collected 84,833 Climate Steps.


The following municipalities were involved in 2016 (Climate Alliance members in bold):


Ahrntal, Andrian, Bozen, Brixen, Deutschnofen, Gais, Gsies , Jenesien, Karneid, Kastelruth, Klausen, Laas , Lajen, Lana, Leifers, Mals, Meran, Mölten, Montan, Moos, Neumarkt, Percha, Pfalzen, Pfitsch , Ratschings, Ritten, Schenna, Sexten, St. Lorenzen, Terlan, Tirol, Welschnofen


Many pupils also visited the exhibition KlimaReise. Further Info and a short movie at the website of the Provinz Bozen Southtirol