In Formigine, 89 children collected climate-friendly Footprints every day on their way to school this year. The pedibus was accompanied by a team of 41 alternating adults. Over the course of the year they were able to collect 18,245 Green Footprints! With this number of Footprints they would theoretically have made it as far as Santiago de Chile. 


With their "Bimbibus" activites, which were implemented in 2009 by the Municipality of Formigine in collaboration with the Agency for the Mobility of Modena (aMo and local schools, the children walked to school with defined timetable and stops, travelling at any kind of weather.

Every child and every adult wears a high-visibility bib and an identification badge with the logo of the Bimbibus project and his/her own name.



In Piacenza this school year 1,682 pupils from 12 schools took part in the campaign. During their action week they collected a total of 26,165 Green Footprints!


Some of them "drove" daily with their pedibuses to school and collected "Green Miles" all year round.There are now 21 different pedibus lines on which 337 children take part and thus collect another 15,705 climate miles on the daily way to school. As a special motivation, the pedibus was also accompanied by a jazz band.


In addition, an action day was organised, during which 3,429 participants took a walk and were thus able to collect additional miles. With their actions, the children were able to contribute a total of 4,261 "Miglia Verde".


The municipality would like to participate in the Climate Mile Campaign again next year in order to influence the habits of the children and their families in a sustainable way and to promote a more climate-friendly lifestyle. 


All in all, the "kids on the move" in Piacenza were able to collect 46,131 Green Footprints and make our Footprint counter work even harder to score the overall result! 



Throughout the school year, 279 little climate protectors* from 5 different primary schools in Sacile made their way to school by "pedibus". 

The children thus managed to collect a proud 57,195 "Miglia Verdi".
Congratulations to Italy!  

South Tyrol


In 2019, twice as many children in South Tyrol diligently collected Green Footprints compared to last year:

This year, 48 schools with 263 classes and 4,190 children took part and, with the support of their parents and teachers, collected 99,449 Green Footprints by the handover date! 

Ahrntal: 3.519 Green Footprints

Andiran: 1.521 Green Footprints

Auer: 3.616 Green Footprints

Barbian: 879 Green Footprints

Bozen: 17.268 Green Footprints

Brixen: 814 Green Footprints

Bruneck: 2.025 Green Footprints

Neumarkt: 4.607 Green Footprints

Enneberg: 2.260 Green Footprints

Eppan: 3.693 Green Footprints

Gais: 2.620 Green Footprints

Karnheid: 475 Green Footprints

Kastelruth: 513 Green Footprints

Kiens: 1.903 Green Footprints

Laas: 4.465 Green Footprints

Lana: 6.994 Green Footprints

Leifers: 1.489 Green Footprints

Mals: 2.480 Green Footprints

Montan: 1.435 Green Footprints

Moos: 721 Green Footprints

Naturns: 4.674 Green Footprints

Partischins: 1.948 Green Footprints

Pfalzen: 3.951 Green Footprints

Prad: 1.331 Green Footprints

Ratschings: 2.470 Green Footprints

Ritten: 3.799 Green Footprints

Innichen: 155 Green Footprints

Sarntal: 3.711 Green Footprints

St. Lorenzen: 458 Green Footprints

Sterzing: 4.106 Green Footprints

Tirol: 2.941 Green Footprints

Vahrn: 689 Green Footprints

Völs: 2.710 Green Footprints

Welsberg Taisten: 1.471 Green Footprints

Welschofen: 1.738 Green Footprints


"I think the project is good (...) you can do it more often (...) that you do the project every month for a week, because that's very, very great!" - a great feedback from a student in South Tyrol!

Congratulations on the almost 100,000 Green Footprints that are now on their way to Madrid!

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