The St. Ignatius College, Secondary School in Qormi, on Malta was participating for the first time.


Their activities were decided and coordinated by the Eco-Schools students committee. The students presented the initiative to Form 1 (Year 7) students who took part eagerly in it. In Form 1 classes with  a total of 226 students they collected 1524 Green Footprints.


One of the students wrote an article describing the initiatives done by the school:

 "The theme “Global Climate Change” was an area which the Eco-school Committee within our school decided to act on and inform the rest of our community. We researched the internet and discovered a number of initiatives which we wished to try out.
However, since our students come from different cities, we advise alternate these activity and asked the Form 1 students (Year 7) to walk from home to their parish church.
During various initiatives at St. Ignatius College Secondary School, we promoted physical exercise as an alternative to travelling by car. This is very applicable to our community since, although our students come from different localities, most of the destinations are within walking distance.
We collected our data and the results were presented during a special assembly. Subsequently, the data and images of this initiative were attached to the eco-school noticeboard. During the presentation of the data, a short clip about the effects of climate change was shown. Concurrently, a number of subject teacher discuss the issue in their lessons."