In the Netherlands there were 50,000 children collecting Groene Voetstappen during the European Mobility Week (16.-22. September)

At the end of November they will be handing over their national result to Hugo van Meijenfeldt, Dutch representative for the Climate Summit, in The Hague. 


Further information and more pictures from this year's activites at 


These  photos were taken at the school Het Kompas. The children will move to a sustainable school later this year where the furniture will be made out of the wood from the old school. Everything of the old school will be recycled. The message of the children of Het Kompas was: don't be a fool, act Green! (In Dutch: Wees geen oen doe groen) 

Here you see alderman Margreet van Gastel from Arnhem.

She painted a Green Footprint at The Jan Ligthart school in Arnhem and also interviewed pupils from there.

(fotos: Alain Baars)