Dutch kids on the move!


30.899 children of 132 primary schools were taking part at in the Dutch Green Footprint activities! How many Footprints did they collect? We will divulge at the Kinderklimaattop on 11th November.


During the three campaign weeks in September the children did a lot of activities to spread the things they learned about climate and sustainable transport. Almost in every municipality the schools were honoured with a visit of the local alderman.


For example in the region Holland-Rijnland the “Aldermans” (mayors) came by bicycle, walked a bare foot path with the children, listened to the children, gave the best schools an award and did some morning gymnastics. The bare foot path of Nieuwveen included green paint, wall paper, trees, leaves, sand, mud bath, grass and water. At the beginning of the campaign, the alderman of Breda told us: “Again a lot of children will do their best for going afoot or by bicycle to school. During the route you will see more, you move, you will not have to wait in the traffic and you will not have to look for a parking space. In short, afoot or by bicycle to school is more fun, healthier, safer and better for the environment than going by car. I think it is very good that schools are paying attention to this, so children and parents will make a more conscious choice for their way of transport.”

The so called ecoclass of the Nieuwe Kring did organize the whole campaign for their school. They also wrote a letter to their mayor to get attention for climate lessons and less car traffic.

Children's Local Climate Conference

“Energy out of the toilet.”

“Slowly increase loans, to get fair trade.”

“All plants have to have solar panels.”

“Charge cell phones by solar energy.”

“Use the CO2 of your car for growing plants in the trunk of your car, so you can travel CO2-neutral.”


These were the best ideas of the children on the local climate conference in Arnhem. Six primary schools in Arnhem had delegated some of their students to the boardroom of the city. The city hall was full of positive energy and sustainable thoughts. The inspiring presentations were judged by a jury of an alderman of education, the youth ambassador of sustainability and the woman of the local nature centre. During the program the regional radio was present and the children were live in the broadcast. The students were talking with aldermen and councillors about the climate and their future led by the director of the Dutch climate alliance. More pictures on the following link (Facebook of Klimaatverbond).


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