ZOOM Kids for Climate, how does it work?


During an activity week on sustainable mobility and climate each journey covered by foot, bike, skater, bus, train etc. counts as one "Green Footprint" for the One World's climate. Climate Alliance will be handing over the total amount of Green Footprints collected to the participants of the next UN Climate Summit COP26, due to the coronavirus pandemic to be held somewhen in Spring 2021.

We have therefore extended our collection period until the end of the year - so in 2020 you can even collect after autumn holidays!



How to participate?

If your city, town, school, kindergarten, ... is ZOOMing in, please send an e-mail to zoom(at)climatealliance.org including:

  • name and address of school (also contact person with e-mail)
  • number of participating groups and children
  • date of your Climate Action Week(s)

Further information and materials will then be sent by e-mail


After you've finished your activites please send us:

  • number of Green Footprints being collected
  • reports and photographs of your activities
  • (photographs of) paper footprints, drawings/paintings, posters etc. the children created for ZOOMing in

Please make sure that Climate Alliance is allowed to publicize your materials and photographs on the website.

If you want to know how many Green Footprints the children collected so far please go to the Results section.

When to ZOOM in?

Until 20 December 2020 children aged 4-12 years old from all over Europe (and beyond) are asked to hold their activity week(s) on Climate Action.
Date and number of activity week(s) can be chosen free within this period, but we will ask all participants to collect Green Footprints for the least one week.

Next Spring, Climate Alliance will hand over the Green Footprints collected from all over Europe to the participants of the 26th UN Climate Summit, which will presumably take place in Glasgow.

Where to go?

This year the route being traveled with your collected Green Footprints can be either enough to cover the linear distance from your municipality to Glasgow directly or just be part of the kilometers needed for our joint climate voyage around the world (see below).

Individual route to Glasgow

You want to use the direct line? Calculate the distance between your city and Glasgow - this should be the minimum amount of Green Footprints for your municipality 2020. For example: the distance from Climate Alliance's European Secretariat in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) to Scotland is 1,057 km - a distance you might reach when all classes of your school collect together.

Joint Climate Voyage around the One World
Our symbolic journey starts at the UNFCCC Secretariat in Bonn, Germany and - travelling once around the One World, stopping over on all continents - will end at the venue of the 26th UN Climate Conference in Glasgow. This equals 96.096 km - a distance that can only be reached when ZOOMing together.


Further details and downloads can be found in the section Route


The campaign's modules and materials offer concrete ideas and activities as well for nursery children and pupils up to 6th grade as for their parents and teachers that increase their awareness of eco-friendly mobility.


In the section Materials you find several downloads that you can use for your activity week on Climate Action. There is for example a Stickeralbum, that the children can use to collect their Green Footprints in.

You prefer to design your own album or you just want to collect footprints on a big poster with all children of your group? No problem! We're looking forward to get to know your version!

Join in on our symbolic journey around the world to learn more about the world's climate situation.

Ask further schools and kindergartens in your municpality, ask in your neighbouring commune or at your foreign twinned schools to collect Green Footprints, too!