Also in 2014 the children from Szkola Podstawowa nr 4 im. prof. W. Szafera 4 in Elk where ZOOMing in!


This year the children aged 6 and 7 years old, went on a short trip to the country side together with their parents right before their activity week. There they had to observe carefully and afterwards drew pictures of what they spyed and what they did like about it or not.



,After the activity week over 120 children from 4 classes handed over all their drawing together with 1062 Green Footprints, collected from September 22-26, and all their wishprints to their local Politicians .

Here are some of the wishes from the first graders:


- We want more public green spaces!
- We want more wholefood shops!
- We want more playgrounds!
- We want more cycle paths!
- We want more sign-boards with slogans like:
- We want more shrubs and flowers!