In 2016 Green Footprints, Grüne Meilen, Klimameilen, Groene Voetstappen, Miglia Verdi, Klimaschritte, etc. were collected by 175,000 children in 10 countries.


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Handover of Green Footprints at UN Climate Conference in Marrakech, 2016



On Monday 14 November 2016 Climate Alliance presented the climate protection efforts of almost 175,000 children spread over 10 countries to the new UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa.

In 2016, children from Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Sweden earned a minimum of 1,741,200 Green Footprints by making climate-friendly trips to school, saving energy in their classrooms, eating regional foods and choosing notebooks made with recycled paper (due to the early date of the Summit, results from Swedish children couldn't be summed up in time).

Markus Hafner-Auinger, Director of Climate Alliance Austria, in the company of UN Youth Delegates and local as well as national representatives of participating ZOOM countries, personally presented the green footprints along with the children's concrete wishes and demands to Ms Espinosa. In doing so, Hafner-Auinger asked Executive Secretary Espinosa to deliver these messages to the delegates of the conference.


Especially prominent this year amongst the children’s demands was urging the UN Climate Conference participants to implement the Paris Agreement. Messages sent by many of the older children highlighted the understanding that they will have to pay for today’s weak regulations, as will their own children in the future.


In order to underline that this demand is a main request of all ZOOM participants, no matter what country they're from, Hafner-Auinger  brought a fan-folded banner showing the flags with the numbers of kids and Green Footprints results by countries.


Along with the Green Footprints of 174,624 children in 1,100 European schools and daycare centres, came a chain of 'wishpints' for the Climate Polititcians. The 'wishprints' contained simple but clear statements like: "I want all food to come by sailing ships, because they run with the wind, that does not make any emissions!", "Please take care that there are less exhaust fumes." "We need the plants. They make oxygen for us." or "Everybody should be happy. Everybody should have a good living.”

The clear message of all these wishes to politicians and legislators is: Act now to save our climate!

Markus Hafner-Auinger, Director of Climate Alliance Austria (on the right), and UN Youth Delegates presenting Green Footprints to Espinosa

Climate Alliance got assistance by UN Youth Delegates from Austria and the Netherlands as well as by Helmut Hojesky from the Austrian Ministry for the Environment and Adriana Valenzuela who is coordinating all kind of youth events at the Climate Conference.

The Austrian Kids were represented by Christoph Peterseil and Anna Holzhacker

Youth Delegates from the Netherlands Martijn Visser and Max van Deursen representing the Groene Voetstappen from the Netherlands

Helmut Hojesky, Austrian Ministry of Environment - a faithful friend of the ZOOM Campain

Also a helping hand gave Adriana Valenzuela from Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE)

For detailed results by countries please visit Results 2016


The Footprint poster and the ZOOM Report from 2016:


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Results of the last years


ZOOM-Kids are Moving for Climate since 2002 - you can imagine that they collected quite some Green Footprints up to now.

If you want to have a closer look at the footprints amounts of the last years and at where the little ZOOMers came from please  click here (pdf  130 KB).