What were the conditions for our little climate protectors when collecting Green Footprints in 2022?


Heat records, droughts, forest fires and heavy rainfalls - these obvious signs of climate change made them very much aware that urgent action is needed!

This could also be seen in the registration numbers as many tens of thousands of children were joining us on our journey to the UN Climate Conference. They were diligently collecting Green Footprints, Grüne Meilen, Klimameilen, Groene Voetstappen, Miglia Verdi, Grön Footprints, Klimaschritte, etc. until mid-October.

The click on the footprint counter shows the amount of Green Footprints we could report for 2022 at the handover in Egypt:

Over 3 million Green Footprints, collected by 235,000 children
in 8 countries - what a result!

Photo: Climate Alliance

Handover at UN Climate Summit in Egypt

Andreas Wolter, Climate Alliance President explaing the Green Footprints Campaign to Simon Stiell, UNFCCC

Photos: Climate Alliance

On November 14, at the UN Climate Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Climate Alliance handed over the Green Footprints from 2022 to Simon Stiell, Executive Director of the UNFCCC.


Simon Stiell underlined that the kids are our future and they should keep doing what they're  doing. "As adults and as policy makers, we have a responsibility to you to leave this planet in a better state than we found it and to provide you with the opportunities that you deserve, that we have had and that some of us have squandered. We have a responsibility to all of you." he adressed the kis directy in a short video message.

"The feedback from participating institutions shows that children are very aware of the dangers posed by the climate crisis. They are distressed and also frightened, thus hoping that concrete changes will be made to avert these dangers – a call to global decision-makers to work together in overcoming the climate crisis and ensuring a secure future," emphasises Andreas Wolter, Climate Alliance President while presenting this year's great results. 


But the little climate protectors did not let their fears and worries stop them from finding creative solutions on how to make their own contribution to protecting the climate, which can be seen in all their good ideas and suggestions documented at Results 2022.


This year's handover was supported by the UN Youth Delegates from Climates Austria as well as a group of Indigenous Peolpes Delegates from Amazonia.


Also Leonore Gewessler, Climate Minister from Austria was present and expressed her great graditute to every single Green Footprint collector in a short video.


Many thanks to all supporters!

Iris Zerlauth (Climates Austria), Milton Callera (Achuar, Ecuador), Roxana Borda Mamani (Peru), Virginia Cauper Lomas (ORAU, Peru), Marisol García Apagueño (FEPIKECHA, Peru), Leonore Gewessler and Helmut Hojesky (Ministry of Climate Austria), Robert Guimaraes Vasquez (Shipibo-Konibo, Peru) Andreas Wolter (Climate Alliance), Philipp Steininger (Climates Austria), Isabella Pfoser (Youth Delegate Austria) Photo: Climate Alliance

Silke Lunnebach (Climate Alliance), Simon Stiell (UNFCCC), Virginia Cauper Lomas (ORAU, Peru)

Photos: Climate Alliance

Photos: UNFCCC / Kiara Worth

Results of the last years


Green Footprints Kids are Moving for Climate since 2002 - you can imagine that they collected quite some Green Footprints up to now.

If you want to have a closer look at the footprints amounts of the last years and at where the little ZOOMers came from please click here.