Also in 2017 many thousand children were collecting Green Footprints, Grüne Meilen, Klimameilen, Groene Voetstappen, Miglia Verdi, Klimaschritte, etc.


How many footprints in 2017?


You want to know what an impressing amount they got together in the end?

 Just click on the Footprint Counter to see how many Green Footprints the ZOOM Kids collected:

A record-breaking 205,577 youngsters took part in the 15th year of the Climate Alliance Green Footprints campaign  


On November 16th a group of kindergartners from Bonn presented their efforts on climate change and their wishes for the future to decision makers at the 23rd UN Climate Summit. Over 1,400 schools spread across Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden  participated in the 2017. Together they collected some 2.3 million green footprints.


This year's handing over was acompanied by many prominet supportes:

The President of COP 23 and Prime Minister from Fiji Frank Bainimarama jumped in and congratulated the kids for their great efforts. Also the Minister of Environment from Austria Andrä Rupprechter and his colleague Carole Dieschbourg from Luxembourg came by as well as the Youth Delegates from the Netherlands, Friedrich Hofer from Climate Alliance Austria and Helmut Hojesky from the Ministry of Environment Austria.

ZOOM Kids with COP23 President Bainimarama

Support by Helmut Hojesky, Minister Rupprechter and Friedrich Hofer

Minister Carole Dieschbourg

Children tell Espinosa about their Climate Action

Chidren add their Wishprints to Result Poster

Brose explains Espinosa how to ZOOM in

For detailed results by countries please visit Results 2017


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Results of the last years


ZOOM-Kids are Moving for Climate since 2002 - you can imagine that they collected quite some Green Footprints up to now.

If you want to have a closer look at the footprints amounts of the last years and at where the little ZOOMers came from please  click here (pdf  130 KB).