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Handover of Green Footprints at UN Climate Conference in Warsaw, 2013

On Saturday, 16 November, Thomas Brose, Executive Director of Climate Alliance, and seven ZOOM participants from the School Szkola Podstawowa nr 4 im. prof. W. Szafera  in Elk, Poland, handed over the Green Footprints together with the children's concrete wishes and demands to the UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres, asking her to pass these messages to the UN Climate Conference delegates in Warsaw, Poland.


The Polish pupils brought their ‘wishprints’ with them, saying: “We need more green areas!” and “We want more playgrounds than car parks”. Others just called for a positive outcome in Warsaw with simple words like: “Please, love our Earth!” or “Stop global warming!”.

Thomas Brose explained to Ms. Figueres, that the Green Footprints represent the efforts and engagement of all ZOOM kids and that their ‘wishprints’, are a strong call on the politicians in Warsaw to develop an ambitious work package for our and especially the children’s future NOW!

In the end the Polish ZOOM Kids handed over this year's total results:

2,177,902 Green Footprints
by 162,981 children
in 13 European countries 

ZOOM Experts might now say: few footprints for that many participants - how come?

As the Climate Conference is quite early this year, the Swedish participants couldn't insert there results yet. Assuming that there will be just as many "Grön Footprints" as last year, we could have announced a record result in Warsaw - we will know soon ...

Ahmad Alhendawi, UN Envoy on Youth accompanied Ms Figueres

Green Footprint Poster 2013

Ms Figueres took quite some time to talk with the children

Youth delegates from Austria (Lisbeth Haberbauer and Andreas Nagl), Germany (Dorothea Epperlein) and the Netherlands (Ralien Bekkers and Ties Mouwen) accompanied the handover this year -  thanks a lot!

And of course there was the presenting of the Austrian results to Dr. Helmut Hojesky from the Austrian Ministry of Life.  

But there was more Climate Action on the agenda of the ZOOM kids and their teacher Ewa Paszkowska:


In the afternoon, during an international workshop within the project 'Climate Dialogue' at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel, the Polish ZOOMers sang their eco school song. It is comprising a strong appeal to the adults to not destroy the children's future.  The children also recited a poem with their wishes and demands directed at the Climate Politicians and presented the Green Footprints to a representative of the German Federal Environment Ministry.

The 'wishprints' arrived Warsaw!

Together with the total result of Footprints they were ...

... handed over to Andrew Smith (bmu) and Dr. Peter Pichl (uba)

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Results of the last ten years


ZOOM-Kids are Moving for Climate Action since 2002 - you can imagine that they collected quite some Green Footprints up to now. If you want to know how many exactly and from what countries they did come from then click here (pdf, 130 KB) or have a look at the picture below.