Route 2019


This year might be a good one to team up with another school or municipality in your area to reach the venue of the next UN Climate Conference with your Green Footprints as we go to Chile in Southamerica.


Of course you can also contribute your Green Footprints as part of the kilometers needed

for our joint climate voyage around the One World (see below).

Individual route to Chile
You want to use the direct line? Calculate the distance between your city and Santiago de Chile - this will be your route for 2019. For example: the distance from the Climate Alliance European Secretariat in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) to Chile is around 12.100 km!

Not sure if your school/nursery is big enough to travel such a distance alone? Ask for support from other schools and daycare facilities in your municipality!

Or calculate how much of the route you achieved in percent.
A good link for calculating distances is 

Joint Climate Voyage around the One World
Our symbolic voyage starts at the UNFCCC Secretariat in Bonn, Germany and - travelling once around the One World - will end in Chile, as the next UN Climate Conference will be held there, December 2.-13. 2019. We will travel via Europe, Africa and Antarctica, South Asia, Australia, Oceania and North Asia, stopp in the Artic and then travel on via North and South America and will there end at the conference's venue in Santiago de Chile. This equals 73.462 Green Footprints  - a distance you will only reach with the help of many friends/participants!


On each continent we will have a short stopover to find out more about the world's climate situation. We will find polar bears that are forced to swim and orangutans suffering for our toilet paper. We will meet several children sharing their climate problems with us. And we will get to know more about the reasons for climate change.


The documents for our Climate Voyage you find here (pdf)

A map with our Climate Voyage Route you find here (pdf)
A list with exact distances from stopover to stopover you get here (pdf)

The complete Climate Voyage (all above documents) you find here (pdf)


Join in on our symbolic journey around the world to learn more about the world's climate situation.

Ask other schools and kindergartens in your municipality, ask your neighbouring commune or your foreign twinned schools to collect Green Footprints, too!

Each journey to school or nursery taken on foot, by bicycle, skater, bus or tram counts as one Green Footprint. To simplify matters, we assume that each journey or Green Footprint corresponds to 1 km. So, all Green Footprints reported to Climate Alliance will be added, hoping that the kids will collect even more Green Footprints than in 2009, our record result so far...

If your city, municipality, school, kindergarten, ... has participated in the Green Footprints campaign, send an email to zoom(at) and 
- tell us the number of Green Footprints you have collected
- send us reports and pictures of your activities so we can publish your activities on our website.