Hints and tips for eco-fair and climate-clever procurement of school and kindergarten consumables

The more people the more favourable it gets

When the school starts, you need a lot of things: all children need new books, folders, pens,...

In Germany only every tenth school book is made of recycled paper - many trader offer only a few products with the "Blue Angel". There will only be a greater supply if there is more demand: Go to your local office supplies store and ask for recycling products with the "Blue Angel". By the way: Most traders are ready to offer special prices for collective ordering.

Or ask your local authority if there is already a procurement group you can join.

Do it yourself or by it yourself?

When buying products, we often have the choice: Do we want to make them by ourselves and give children the opportunity to know more about their ingredients and production or do we just want to consume them?

Some simple examples for home-made glue, paints, modelling clay or brushes you can find under selfmade alternatives.

Signs that help

There are numerous ecolabels and seals of quality that can help during your shopping.

You can find labels that are - in our opinion - most important for your procurement activities as well as a short explanation here.

Eating Culture!

Many parents attach value to healthy ingredients for the lunch snack.

So the lunch boxes and water bottles should be made from harmless materials like stainless steal or unplasticized polypropylene.