In Romania this year were four schools with 38 classes ZOOMing in and sending us many pictures from their activites and wonderful Wishprints together with 18,937 Green Footprints !

School Elena Doamna


School Elena Doamna, Tecuci, ROMANIA, collected 8035 green footprints with 237 students and 135 other people (friends, famillies) that joined them.


The children wrote poems and demands on their paperfootprints. Here the translations for some of them:


Don't use the car!
Your life would have been better if you didn't spent so much money on petrol.
So this is how you can save money AND protect the atmosphere.

Greener the world, it's better for our lives.

Walking is healthier and funnier,too. Let's walk together!



School Anghel Rugina


In School Anghel Rugina the 250 children together collected 6794 Green Footprints.

The pictures show how they did they footpritns this year: they used play dough!



School Barcea


This School was participating for the first time. Here 24 pupils together collected 298 Green Footprints.



School Dimitrie Sturdza


Also here children were ZOOMing in for the first time.Together 80 students collected 810 Green Footprints and sent us pictures from their wonderful paper footprints with their wishes and concerns on them.