This year quite some schools in Belarus joined the ZOOM Campaign – great to have them on board!

The start for the activity weeks in Belarus was given during European Mobility Week.

In Polotsk and Novopolotsk 19 schools were zooming in from 16. September -19. October.  Minsk joined in for the first time with Gymnasium No19 and the Belarusian Music Academy College as participants from 22. September- 19. October.

In total there were 1097 pupils involved and together they collected 29717 зеленых следа or Green footprints.


Many wonderful pictures as well as reports from the activites can be found on a website they extra made for us in English: 

Of course there is a Russian one as well: 


This year the official opening took place at School No6 and Gymnasium No1, where Sergei Leichenko, Deputy Chairman of Polotsk District Executive Committee, and Andrei Borovik, representative of the Citizen Working Group on development of city mobility, were present. They both stressed the importance of the children´s voices and suggestions to be heard.  

In Minsk students' ecological endeavours were encouraged by the director and manager of Interakcia Foundation, Ivan Shchadranok and Anton Radniankou. Interakcia has been the initiator and coordinator of the campaign in Belarus for two years. 



Here are some of the childrens wishes and demands to the politicians:

Dear presidents!
I would like to ask you to take care about our future and encourage everyone to use eco-friendly transport like e-cars.

Dear presidents!
I am Antonina from School No6 in Polotsk and I am asking you to keep the air clean because I, my family and my friends as well as my grandchildren will breathe it. Please, plant as many parks as possible in our country and we promise to take care of them.

I am Alina from the 2nd grade. Please, take care of the air so it will be pure in future. I suggest stop cutting woods, recovering waste in the right way and using bio fuel.
Best regards, Alina

Dear presidents!
I would like to ask you to ban the production of plastic dishes and household goods, and produce everything only from natural materials – wood, and clay and stone.
Dima Smehovskiy


13 schools of Novopolotsk with 516 pupils in 29 classes took part in this year’s “Kids on the Move” campaign.Together they collected 15,505 Green Footprints.

Some schools made detailed reports with photographs of their activites and their Wishprints for the politicians in Marrakech. They can be found on the website mentioned above. 


In Polotsk there were 464 childrne ZOOMing in and gathered together 11,867 Green Footprints.

Also here some schools reported their activities very detailed. Just have a look at the website mentioned above. 



Here the schools ZOOMed in for the first time: 107 pupils from two school swere participating and collected 2,345 Green Footprints.