As in previous years, the Austrian climate heroes were very diligent in 2019: 28,276 children from 247 different institutions made a huge effort and can now proudly announce their final count: they have collected 646,768 Footprints! An overview of the participants is linked here.
Some institutions have reported to us in more detail: 

On Monday, December 2, this year's result of the Green Footprints Campaign was presented to the Federal Minister Maria Patek (photo third from left, holding the poster) as part of the "klimaaktiv mobil Projektpartner".
The Green Footprints will now travel on to Madrid, unite with Green Footprints from all over Europe and will be presented to the UN Climate Secretariat during the UN Climate Change Conference.

Photo: klimaaktiv/APA-Fotoservice/Juhasz Federal Minister Maria Patek 3. from left



At the VS Admont, 100 children spent a month on their way to school, taking into account climate-friendly decisions and therefore came on foot, by scooter or bicycle. In order to also convince the parents, parental stops were set up from where the children can also walk the rest of the way to school together. At this stop the children can also be picked up on the way back. Thus compromises were made so that all children, even those who come from further away, can successfully participate in the campaign. And it was worth it: 3,736 climate-friendly Footprints could be reached by the children! 



In Bisamberg, children from several primary school classes collected Green Footprints for the climate and sent us this photo of the presentation of their results.

Buch - St.Magdalena


In the VS St- Magdalena am Lemberg, the 60 pupils have worked hard for a better climate. For one week they came to school on foot, by bike or scooter. They were able to collect a total of 600 climate-friendly Footprints, with this number they could walk through Slovenia to Formigine in Italy and test the year-round pedibus there.



The children of the VS Ebene in Pongau were highly motivated to work for the climate: "The earth is seriously ill! That's why the motto for the Eben elementary school in November was: "I shape my future myself - I come to school in a climate-friendly way."

After 28 days the result was counted and it is impressive: The 114 pupils have collected 2,649 climate-friendly Footprints! 



For 14 days the children of the VMS Frastanz were on the road as little climate protectors. During this time, they were able to collect a climate-friendly Footprints/stickers for each climate-friendly journey they made. They were able to collect a total of 4,257 climate-friendly Footprints - a great result!
At the Mobility Festival, the children presented their result posters and thus achieved even more attention for the topic of climate change. 



This year too, all pupils and teachers took part in the Green Footprints campaign, thus raising awareness of climate-friendly mobility.

It's great how motivated everyone at VS Kottingbrunn is:
"At the end of this year's Climate Week, a large presentation of all the Green Footprints collected was held in the gymnasium with an honest thank you to the children taking part.
Environmental protection must not be just a short-term topic. Therefore the teachers of the elementary school Kottingbrunn continue to motivate all children outside this campaign to make their way to school in a climate-friendly way and work just as diligently on other environmental topics such as waste avoidance and waste Separation."

A total of 252 children took part and collected a proud 2,110 climate-friendly Footprints! Congratulations! 



The children spent two weeks in the Sidonie Adlersburg kindergarten as little climate protectors. They paid attention to climate-friendly mobility and came to the kindergarten on foot, by bike or scooter. During this time, they were able to collect a total of 384 climate-friendly Footprints - congratulations! 



At VS Nötsch, the nearly 100 children undertook many different activities and excursions during the project week. Not only was painting and handicrafts done, but the children were also able to learn a lot about the marmots in the Dobratsch Nature Park.

During the campaign week they were able to collect a total of 932 climate-friendly Footprints - a great achievement! 



The 280 pupils of VS Roseggergasse have collected together 2,628 climate-friendly Footprints within one week. With this number of Footprints, they would be climate-friendly all the way to Madrid, where this year's UN Climate Conference is taking place, and would even have a few Footprints left for excursions. Great performance! 



At VS Pernitz, the children were able to collect climate-friendly Footprints for 3 weeks and become climate heroes through small changes in everyday life. The 168 children were able to collect a total of 500 climate-friendly Frootprints- a great result! 



Also, this year, there is a summer champion: 43 children from the Volksschule Schaeffern collected 1,855 Footprints within only 3 weeks - congratulations!  



In the VS Weizberg, 230 pupils spent a month working for a better climate and showing how it works. They came to school on foot, scooter or bicycle and thus saved a great deal of CO2. They were able to collect a total of 6,424 climate-friendly Footprints. A great contribution! 



Children from 8 different institutions took part in the Green Footprints campaign. They made their way to school or kindergarten climate-friendly and were allowed to stick stickers into an album, on a poster or the like.

So the pupils of the BRG Marchettigasse could also make their contribution and could collect 910 climate-friendly Footprints within one week! 

Also in the evang. VS, nursery and kindergarten Vienna children of different ages have collected climate-friendly Footprints. For one week they paid more attention to climate-friendly mobility and were able to count 1,825 climate-friendly Footprints at the end of the project week.

In the VS Knollgasse a 4th class with 24 pupils took part. The children could accomplish many actions in the different subjects of instruction:

- Designing portfolios
- Collecting newspaper articles on the subject of environmental protection and use them to create a reading info wall
- Designing posters and hang them up in the school building so that others are also sensitised.
- Calculating how many trees can be planted on the school road
and many more

"The children were excited and sensitized to the topic. Many parents also took the project as an opportunity not to take their child to school by car, but to let him or her drive on his or her own with the public transport, on foot or by scooter."

They were able to collect a total of 500 climate-friendly Footprints - congratulations!