In 2016 the children from Szkola Podstawowa nr 4 im. prof. W. Szafera 4 in Elk where ZOOMing in again!


This year 371children aged 6 and 7 years old were involved and collected 5461 Green Footprints.


Ecology – on the top! that was their Slogan for 2016 activities.

Once again they set off for the symbolic journey to the Climate Conference - this year to Morocco.
The ZOOM project was the week of environmental action, which was organized among the youngest students aged 6-9 in our school. 
It aims to make students aware of the importance of taking care of the environment and how they can contribute to its protection.
This year the youngest students played the most important role. They found out how to contribute to climate protection during the day. To the surprise of the teachers they implemented many changes in their lives such as: resignation from means of the transport when there were less than two people in the car and changing the way of commuting for more beneficial and healthier ways like walking or riding a bike.

In their Report they wrote us:

During the campaign it was possible to join the beneficial and pleasurable things – for every ecological route our students got the foot print stickers, they were awarded for the commitment and involvement in ecological issues. Another possibility was drawing the blue bulb if the child had been taking care of saving electricity or drawing an apple if the child gave up on junk food like crisps, artificial drink as well as sweets.
The number of apples or bulbs had the same scoring as the number of feet. Our students very scrupulously had been making effort to improve this project and they became the role models for their parents and protectors.
This school year the educators of the youngest classes conducted the conversations about the way of getting back home and about their physical activity.
The students also were “Detectives on the roads” – on 22nd of September as well as during the weekend they looked for dangerous places in our neighborhoods. The students noticed many places where the adults should take care of. The older classes are going to prepare a map of such places, just to let the local authorities know what they should keep an eye on.
This year’s outcome is 5461 feet, so it’s 5461 kilometers. Hurray, we got through to Morocco and even further!