Results 2017


Over 200,000 children from all over Europe - more than ever before in 15 years - were once again collecting Green Footprints, Grüne Meilen, πράσινες πατούσες, Klimameilen, Groene Voetstappen, Miglia Verdi, Zelené Stopy , Zöld Mérföldet, Klimaschritte, Grön Footprints, зеленых следа , Talpite Verzi  etc.


You want to know what activities were running in which country?

Please use the menu bar on the left, to find results, pictures and reports by countries - and of course many examples of the children's Wishprints for the politicians.

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To get a quick overview please have a look at the ZOOM Report 2017. 
It illustrates in many pictures and short reports in English and the mother tongue of the participating country what special actions the ZOOM-Kids did there this year to demonstrate their strong will to save our One World's Climate. 


We also listet some statements, wishes and demands to the climate politicians from the children and their teachers.


If you want to know what else Climate Alliance did at COP23 in Bonn please visit